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If you need instructions look below, or if you're ready to start:

Please type a question in the box below and click the PLAY button to enter the world of Chakra Magic.


Game purpose:

Gain insight and help you find answers to your own questions.

Learn about tarot, astrology, chakras & breath techniques. Only do breath techniques if you're comfortable doing them.

Two Ways To Play

Game One:

No rules. Enter Chakra Magic and play by following your own inclinations. Play by hitting "play"and "go" until you want to quit.

Game Two:

Start playing by writing a question in the space provided. Hit "play", and a card will appear on the screen. Each time you hit "go" another card will appear and offer you food for thought. If you get the same card twice in a row, it means that you need to look and listen within. Stop playing long enough to close your eyes, and look for the answer to your question inside your mind, before you continue to play.

Breath techniques are described above each card. They are offered to help you focus inwardly and reduce stress. If you're not comfortable doing them, focus on other parts of the game.

Write down the number of points listed at the top of each card. Keep track of their number. When you have gained clarity on how to answer your question, you are finished with the game. Go to the end page, tally your points, and further your insight.




llustrations: Cards by Eve Veil and Tara M. D.



"I played your game, and it was an eventful experience. I've been struggling with questions which I asked your game. After completing "Chakra Magic" I found I had a score of 272, my symbol is the moon, and I need to focus on my 6th chakra of intuition. After slow breathing and asking myself some of my most perplexing questions, I've found my answers. Thank you so much for your game."

J. Thomas