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Starting October 17th, 7 to 8:30 pm and continuing every 3rd Weds. in Cotati at Songbird Healing Center:

Mystic Secrets Tarot Open Discussion

In this presentation, we will focus on using the Tarot for self-discovery, to better understand our relationships, and to strengthen and expand our ability to use our intuition. With guided meditations and step-by-step card layouts we will explore specific ways to help yourself or your client move toward greater clarity.  Each day will be devoted to learning specific major cards and time will be given for discussing the meanings of symbols, card archetypes, and essential techniques for learning to interpret the cards. Participants will be invited to do brief readings will gain experience using various spreads as a medium for drawing out emotions and providing insights into feelings.  Bring your questions, your cards if you have them, and your willingness to give and be given short readings. Kooch will be using several decks including Rider Waiter, Voyager Tarot, and others.

COMING SOON: Silk Moon, Sebastopol evening discussion

Deepening Insights About Your Chakras

This presentation will introduce the seven chakras and describe how they can be used to deepen self-understanding and awaken greater clarity and richness in life. The focus will be on how the chakras are a medium for exploring the psyche, the emotions, and relationships.   Through meditative exercises, we will explore how with these “wheels of light” can enhance concentration, focus, and even promote self-healing.  Participants will be invited to do inner work, discuss personal explorations, and dive deeper into discovering how working with the chakras can benefit their life.

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If you're interested in a program, send your name & e-mail address to Kooch at mysticarts4u@yahoo.com.

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