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To discover your dominant chakra, ..... hit Start

You will enter Chakra Magic. Where it says "Please type a question in the box" ask, "What is my dominant chakra?"

Next, click the PLAY button. A picture will appear. Read beneath it to find your most significant chakra.

For more information about chakras, look below. As mind and emotions evolve, your dominant chakra will also change.







..Chakra & #


7th / Crown
Top of the head
Spirituality, transcendent states of consciousness, Higher truth
6th / Third Eye
Middle forehead

Seeing with your sixth sense, communication with God, psychic healing

5th / Throat
Communication: talking, listening, hearing, understanding others

4th / Heart Center

lRight of Heart
Love, feelings, emotions, compassion
3rd / Solar Plexis
k Beneath Navel
Courage, power, assertiveness, chi energy
2nd / Sexual Center
0Pelvis Center
Sexual passion, desire for family
  1st / Base of Spine
1 Bottom of Spine

Security, survival needs, physical grounding.



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