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Pages : 288
Book Size : 8.00 x 10.00
Isbn-13 : 9781620555873
Imprint : Destiny Books
Release Date : February 26, 2017
Format : Paperback Book
Illustrations : Includes 16-page color insert and 15 b&w illustrations • Available on Amazon or your favorite bookstore
The Seven Energy Centers in Your Daily Life

By Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels, and Pieter Weltevrede Illustrations by Pieter Weltevrede

This detailed guide provides practical tools to understanding the chakras and the energetic roots of your inner being. The essence of each of the 7 chakras is explained in detail. Chakra work provides a powerful way to hear your inner self more deeply and a systematic path for activating higher levels of consciousness.
An in-depth guide to understanding and balancing the chakras

• Provides meditations, mantras, and other methods to work with each chakra

• Details each chakra’s positive and negative qualities, their gifts and challenges, and how they interact with each other

• Examines the psychological causes of blocked energy in the chakras

• Shares chakra wisdom and profound spiritual insights from Sri Harish Johari, Guruji Pilot Baba, Mataji Narmada Puri, Sri Aurobindo, and other spiritual leaders

  By understanding the chakras, you can better understand the ways you interact with the world around you and the energetic roots of your inner being. Offering an in-depth guide to this powerful ancient yogic science, authors Victor Daniels, Kooch N. Daniels, and Pieter Weltevrede--all longtime students of the late tantric scholar, philosopher, and temple artist Sri Harish Johari--explain the essence of each of the 7 chakras and provide practical tools to work with these energetic “wheels of light.”


"Observing and meditating on your chakras can help you know your inner self, ignite latent abilities, and create fulfillment of and beyond worldly desires...."


Victor Daniels: Emeritus professor of psychology.
Kooch Daniels: Life long student of mysticism
Pieter Weltevrede: Artist of the visual tantric ancient traditions

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