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The Art and Magic of Palmistry©

by Kooch N. Daniels

A Guide To Learning To Read The Hand

Easily Recognize Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial Inclinations

"Not to be missed."

Conventional palmistry is a combination of two techniques: chirognomy, the study of the form and outer appearance of a hand; and chiromancy, the analysis of the lines and marks in the palm. This playbook provides a practical foundation of hand reading skills in relation to these two separate studies. Within its pages you’ll find essential guidelines for examining various shapes, sizes and markings in the palm. As you put this information into practice you will gain knowledge of how to read hands for other people, and learn to look at the symbolic messages in your own hand to discover more about yourself.

Providing some palm reading insights that you won’t find anywhere else, it offers effective tools to help you learn to recognize mental, emotional, spiritual and financial tendencies. Besides describing a tangible method to learn palmistry, it offers a keyword guide to help the reader quickly grasp the main elements of hand reading. Each chapter offers useful tips and thought provoking questions to help students build their hand reading skills.

This book contains a practical strategy to simplify learning the art of hand reading. It is 6” x 9” in size, 108 pages and features easy-to-learn techniques that will make you a palm reading genius in no time.

"For me, designing books is an ode to a time that celebrated the arrangement of image, typography and the rhythm of layout. As a collector of resource material, old typography books and old world engravings I enjoy the opportunity to tip my hat to the past, detailing each page with old fonts, illustrations and flourishes."
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Some Palmistry FAQ's

Can I develop my intuition by doing palm readings?
Yes! The more you do readings using the palm, the more your intuitive skills will evolve. Just as when you exercise a muscle it gets stronger, your intuition will become more developed as you practice using it. The palm is a focal point for learning to trust your intuition.

Do I need to understand astrology to be able to read the palm?
Because astrology is a primary root on the tree of divination, the more you understand astrology, the easier your palmistry practice can be. The palm is often studied as a map of the planets and their zodiac qualities. However, you don't need to know astrology, but it can help you expand awareness of a palm's significance.

How can I best learn the palmistry?
The best way is to look at people's hands and start to notice their shapes. Look at where lines begin and end in the palm. Squeeze hands and start developing a sense of the different ways that hands feel. As a student you must practice, practice, and practice some more! Without getting into predictions, try to have a discussion about a person's life while you study their hand. Most of all, have fun!

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