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Some Tarot FAQ

Can I develop my intuition by doing Tarot Card readings?
The more you do readings using the Tarot, the more your intuitive skills will evolve. It is equal to any skill that you are trying to develop which gets stronger in time as you continue to use it.

Do I need to understand astrology to be able to read Tarot cards?
Because astrology is a primary root on the tree of divination, the more you understand astrology, the easier your Tarot practice can be. In many Tarot decks, you will find the zodiac being used to give clues to help you see into a card's meaning. No, you don't need to know astrology, but it can help you expand awareness of a card's significance.

How can I best learn the Tarot.
One way to work with the cards and learn them at the same time is doing the One-Card Tarot Spread.. This spread is short, sweet, and best used for answering "yes" or "no" questions. It can be also be used when you have a short question and want to focus on clarifying one issue.

This card spread is extremely simple. Ask a question out loud or silently. After you shuffle and cuts the cards, turn over the top card and interpret its message. Free-associate any ideas that come into your mind in relation to the card's symbolic content. Keyword interpretations of cards will often suffice to answer the question being asked, but try to have a lengthy discussion about your present situation in relation to the symbols on the card you are studying. Most of all, have fun!

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